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Miint Marketing has a combined 50+ years of digital marketing experience. We are known for our fresh digital marketing ideas. We specifically work with ambitious business owners and organisations who are willing to come out of their comfort zone.

Creativity, Data and Psychology

Here at Miint, we know that a successful digital marketing campaign consists of a clear understanding of your market. This includes your target audience, your competitors, and your USP. We have the perfect balance of creativity, data, and psychology in all the work that we do.

Senior Team

Having managed a digital marketing team of over 60+ team members at C-Level working with SMEs, as well as working on the client-side of multi-billion dollar companies within digital marketing, tech, data and eCommerce, Rhoda continues to deliver results for clients of different journeys. With great passion for the "underdogs". 

With 14 years of experience working in customer relations, Duncan's managed operation teams and supported the sales department for both national companies and local businesses. Our clients benefit from Duncan's eye for detail in both the visual and commercial approach to digital marketing due to his media production background. 

Isaac started his own business within the trade sector where the business doubled year on year from 2016 to now a 6-figure company. Single-handedly nurtured 70,000 REAL followers and subscribers across numerous social media platforms for his business where creativity is key. With design and impact at the core of Isaac's work, these finer details are applied to our client's creatives.

Creative Director

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