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SEO is the practice of optimising your website in order for search engines mainly Google to favour your website above some of your competitors. This is carried out through best white practices. We review the strategy based on hard facts figures. This includes a thorough competitors' analysis which helps us understand what the keyword gaps are.


We build websites with curation in mind. From UI, UX, to CRO, we take all of these into consideration during development. Your branding tones and feel remains consistent throughout the website. Miint has a whole panel of experts in developing you a website that fits your requirements. Nothing is off limits!

Social Media

Social Media is now a necessity for many businesses. It's the best way to continue engaging with your customers and to showcase updates about your business. We work with a range of different platforms, but the majority of our clients use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Here at Miint Marketing, we believe that your content is your currency!

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